Canada JKA Karate Federation

The Canada JKA Karate Federation headed by Chief Instructor Sensei Minoru Saeki, is dedicated to teaching traditional Shotokan karate according to the standards and principles of the Japan Karate Association.

The Canada JKA Karate Federation hosts clinics, seminars, gradings and qualification examinations for its members throughout the year, and once a year have the honour to have Master Masahiko Tanaka and other guest instructors from JKA HQ visit Canada.

Sensei Saeki Minoru

Chief Instructor of the Canada JKA Karate Federation

Sensei Saeki Minoru was born in 1949 in Japan where he studied karate at the head dojo in Tokyo, Japan.

Sensei Saeki has developed one of the most respected reputations across Canada and the USA as a traditional Japanese karate instructor. He embodies the philosophy and spirit of Shotokan karate and strictly maintains the quality of karate as taught in Japan.

Sensei Saeki is a 7th Dan and is a JKA qualified Instructor, Examiner and Judge. He is currently qualified to perform examinations up to 3rd Dan.


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