Shotokan Karate is one of the oldest forms of Karate originating in the perfect blend of mind, body and spirit
He who would study Karate-Do must always strive to be inwardly humble and outwardly gentle. However, once he has decided to stand up for the cause of justice, then he must have the courage expressed in the saying, "Even if it must be ten million foes, I go!" Thus, he is like the green bamboo stalk: hollow (kara) inside, straight, and with knots, that is, unselfish, gentle, and moderate.. " Gichin Funakoshi.
World Class Karate continues to teach and practice his method.
The only control one can exercise... is control over oneself.

Master Funakoshi:

JKA of Vaughan

Calgary World Class Karate

News & Events

2018 Provincial Tournament

Sun April 29 in Markham. Click here for info.


Summer Camp 2018

Aug 9 - 12 in Ottawa. Click here for registration info.




Kids & Family Classes

Special kids and family classes on Saturdays. See more...

Private Classes

Classes will be held at the Vaughan dojo and are limited to 1 or 2 persons. The schedule will be made between the individual and the instructor. The times are restricted to Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, Sat & Sun after 1:30pm.
Classes will be taught by Sensei Eddie or Sensei Ray
Please contact Sensei Ed ( or Sensei Ray ( for rates.

Ladies Fitness Kickboxing

Offered at the Mississauga location. Please see schedule...



$59 - for 1 month; includes uniform. Offer is for the Vaughan location.



Head Instructor

Sensei Ray Tio
5th Dan JKA


JKA of Mississauga
2485 Dunwin Dr. Unit 2
Mississauga, Ontario

contact: Ray Tio
tel: 416-315-0187

Click on map to enlarge

JKA of Vaughan
7777 Keele St. Unit 7
Vaughan, Ontario

contact: Ray Tio
tel: 416-315-0187

JKA of Brampton
Chris Gibson Recreation Center
125 McLaughlin Road

contact: Chris Klym
tel: 905-460-4860

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