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Saeki Sensei Seminar, Dan Grading, and
World Championship Qualification Tournament

This past weekend was a huge success! We had approximately 75 people take part in the seminars conducted by Saeki Sensei at our dojo and the feedback was excellent. We have been very lucky to have Saeki Sensei from Ottawa, and Nemoto Sensei from Japan visit and conduct seminars at our dojo in the last two months. Thank you very much to both Saeki Sensei as well as the Chairman of the CJKF, Roy Chin-Fee for organizing this for us. This past Saturday, the dan grading (Ist Dan and 2nd Dan) proceeded the seminars. I am very pleased to announce that all the examinees from our dojo passed their Blackbelt exams "with flying colours". A special "Thank You" goes out to all our dojo Instructors: Sensei Eddie, Sensei Stan, Sensei Paul, Sempai Chris, Sempai Sofia, Sempai Troy, Sempai Hiran, Sempai Marie, and our blackbelt students who all helped make this possible, especially Sensei Eddie who volunteered many hours after Saturday and Sunday classes to specifically help our examinees. Here are our new Blackbelt Students:

Troy MacLean (now an official JKA Shodan)
Raafat Elfeky (Shodan)
Shrima Ramkumar (Shodan)
Rudy Gautam (Shodan)
Atul Gautam (Shodan)
Morgan Sanchez (Shodan)
Dindyal Naipaul (Shodan)

Also, Saeki Sensei announced the approval from Japan to all the ISKF to JKA Dan transfers for the following people from our dojo:

Paul Wentzell (Godan)
Cyrus Ryan (Yondan)
Hiran Mistry (Shodan) 

This past Sunday, The CJKF National Team members from our dojo took part in the Gichin Funakoshi World Tournament Trials to produce the Canadian National Team to go to Japan in 2009. The top four winners in each individual event are guaranteed a spot on the team as well as the Team Kata winners. I am very pleased to announce that the following from our dojo will be going to Japan!

Ray Tio (1st in Individual Kata, 1st in Team Kata)
Stan Tio (2nd in Individual Kata, 2nd in Individual Kumite, 1st in Team Kata)
Ignacio Gamsawen (1st in Team Kata, 5th in Individual Kata)
Eric Leung (1st in Individual Kumite, 3rd in Individual Kata)
Sofia Mojica (2nd in Individual Kumite)

A huge "Congratulations!!!" goes out to all our new Blackbelts and our Canadian Team members. Also, another special "Thank You" to all those from our dojo who helped volunteer and cheer us on at the tournament, specifically Sensei Eddie Leung and Sempai Marie Leung who again selflessly volunteered their time to dual-handidly organize the tournament. It was an amazing display of karate spirit this weekend. Let's continue this for 2009!





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