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JKA International Training Camp was in Ottawa from August 20th - 23rd 2009 in Ottawa

On the weekend of August 21-23 2009, twenty of our dojo members travelled to Ottawa to attend the JKA International Gasshuku (Training Camp). This marked the first time four Masters from JKA Headquarters visited Canada at one time. The four Guest Instructors from the JKA Headquarters in Japan were: Master Ueki, Master Tanaka, Master Osaka, and Master Kobayashi. Approximately 300 Karatekas attended the camp. The training was amazing and watching these Masters demonstrate techniques was even more awe-inspiring. Training with these Masters further proved to us that The JKA is by far the most prestigious Karate Organization in the world. It is obvious that these Masters train every single day and constantly work to improve and strengthen the teachings started by Master Funakoshi. What's even more impressive is seeing that the JKA is constantly bringing in younger Masters every year for visits. These young Masters of Karate train and teach 365 days a year in Japan. They also study Karate full-time, and this is obviously shown when they instruct and demonstrate. This is very promising for our youngsters and for the future growth of JKA Karate throughout world.

Many members from our dojo passed Dan Exams as well as Qualifications Exams. Congratulations to the following people from our dojo:

Dan Exam Results

Ray Tio - Godan (5th Dan)
Stan Tio - Godan (5th Dan)

Sofia Mojica - Yondan (4th Dan)

Marie Leung - Sandan (3rd Dan)
Mike Lucas - Sandan (3rd Dan)
Tony Sabatini - Sandan (3rd Dan)

Instructor/Judges/Examiner Results

Ed Leung - C Instructor, B Judge (previously attained), D Examiner
Paul Wentzell - D Instructor, D Judge
Ray Tio - D Instructor, D Judge
Stan Tio - D Instructor, D Judge
Eric Leung - D Instructor, D Judge
Chris Klym - D Instructor, D Judge

I also wanted to congratulate our newest blackbelts who passed their Shodan (1st Dan) Exams back in May 2009 with Master Saeki:

Wendy Morrow
Timothy Setiadi
Ryan Weller



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