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October 19 (Tues) and October 20 (Wed) at this dojo! - Master Shiina from JKA Headquarters, 7th Dan JKA and multi-time former All-Japan and World Kata and Kumite Champion, will be visiting us.

We had the great honour of hosting Shiina Sensei, 7th Dan JKA Headquarters Instructor at our dojo. What an amazing instructor! Shiina Sensei demonstrated incredible flexibility and even more incredible budo(Martial Arts Spirit)during his seminars. We also had the great honour of him coach members of our National Team going to Thailand in 2011, and boy did he work us hard! He stated "I am the coach of Team Japan next year, and I will coach you just as I coach them. I hope we can be number 1 and number 2 next year!" He was incredibly motivating in such a short time and we can't wait to see him again. Thank you very much once again to Saeki Sensei, Dick Powell, and Roy Chin-Fee for organizing this visit for us.


August 19th - 22nd - Koyo Camp in Ottawa - DOJO CLOSED
Special guest - Master Tanaka from JKA Headquarters in Japan


From Aug 19th to 22nd, twenty of us from our dojo participated in the annual Koyo Camp in Ottawa with guest Instructor, Master Masahiko Tanaka, 8th Dan JKA. The classes were divided in two with the Instructor classes being taught by Master Tanaka and the Non-Instructor classes by Master Minoru Saeki, 7th Dan JKA and head of the Canada JKA Karate Federation. The classes were extremely intense and full of amazing technical instruction with both Masters giving amazing jaw-dropping demonstrations!

Also during the same weekend, The Canada JKA Karate Federation held their annual National Tournament. The participants from our dojo were: Senseis Ray and Stan Tio, Ignacio Gamsawen, Eric Leung (who unfortunately was unable to compete due to injury sustained during training), Colin Chin, Sofia Mojica, Danny Pointon, Matthias Ramirez-Motta, and Maresha Pharmoo (who at 17 years old, competed against the adult ladies. Also from our dojo, Senseis Eddie Leung, and Paul Wentzell, both volunteered as judges at the tournament. Here are the results from our dojo participants:

Ray Tio (1st Kata, 2nd Kumite)
Stan Tio (1st Kumite, 2nd Kata)
Colin Chin (3rd Kata, 3rd Kumite)
Ignacio Gamsawen (4th Kata)
Sofia Mojica (3rd Kata, 3rd Kumite)
Maresha Pharmoo (4th Kata, 4th Kumite)


July 24th - Sensei Ray Tio will be conducting a seminar from 11:30am - 1:00 pm at the TNT School of Martial Arts (JKA of Alliston, Ontario)


May 30th - Ontario JKA Provincial Tournament at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Brampton, On. Click here for the results!

Once again the CJKF Provincial Tournament was a tremendous success! Over 200 competitors competed, over 30 more than last year. It is great to see that the number of tournament competitors, as well as the CJKF organization in general is growing more and more every year. Our dojo performed extremely well this year garnering a total of 37 medals! Congratulations Team!

A very special "Thank You" goes out to Sensei Ed Leung and his wife Sempai Marie Leung for their incredible contribution in organizing this tournament year after year. As the numbers get bigger, so does the workload and we could not do it without them. Amazing Karate Spirit!!! Oss!!!

Also, a special "Thank You" goes out to all the volunteers that helped out. We really appreciate all your efforts, especially with the unfortunate delay we had in the morning when the custodian did not show up to open the doors. Even with the delay we managed to stay organized and finished on time.

This quote is from Sensei Eddie: "I can't thank Troy and Kevin from the Mississauga dojo enough for saving us from a total disaster, and I want to thank you all for pulling together and making this a successful event. Please extend my thanks to all of the volunteers from your dojos"

May 29th - Dan (black belt) Graded at our dojo with Saeki Sensei - Grading up to Sandan (Third degree blackbelt)

     Congratulations to Kamar Abdur-Rashid and Ehab Bhadawy for achieving the rank of JKA Shodan (1st Degree Blackbelt).

We would like to Thank Saeki Sensei for visiting our dojo once again and conducting two great seminars, and dan grading. The seminars were very
technical ,specifically in the kumite aspect. Very insightful and great drills!


April 24th - Master Imura from JKA Headquarters in Japan conducted seminars at our dojo


Click here to view images!

On Saturday April 24th, The JKA of Mississauga (World Class Karate) had the honour of hosting seminars conducted by Master Imura, 7th Dan JKA (Japan Headquarters) , and assisted by Master Saeki, 7th Dan JKA (CJKF Chief Instructor). Expected to attend this event was approximately 50 people, but instead the end total of participants was 70 people! What an amazing turnout! The large crowd, although a little crammed, were not at all disappointed. Master Imura displayed amazing agility, flexibility and technical prowess. It was another amazing display of karate spirit!

Thank you to Saeki Sensei, and Roy Chin-Fee (CJKF Chair) for organizing this for us. We also got final confirmation that another great JKA Headquarters Instructor, Master Shiina, 7th Dan JKA and multi-time former All-Japan and World Kata and Kumite Champion, will be visiting us in October of this year. The exact week is still to be finalized.




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