Shihan Master
Sensei Instructor
Sempai Higher Ranking Member
Dojo Club or any place where you practice
Kyu Grade
Dan Degree
OSU Hello, Goodbye, Yes, I understand
1 Ichi
2 Ni
3 San
4 Shi
5 Go
6 Roku
7 Shichi
8 Hachi
9 Ku
10 Ju
Rei Bow
Yoi Stand in Ready Position (feet shoulder width apart, fists closed and hands slightly in front
Hajime Begin or Start
Yame Stop
Shizen-Tai Natural Position
Musubi-Dachi Natural Position (heels together, toes pointed outward, Hands at the side, ready for standing bow)

Levels of Attack

Jodan Upper Level or Face Level
(Including neck and head)
Chudan Middle level or stomach
Shoulder to Waist
Gedan Lower Level - Below the waist

Stances (Dachi)

Zenkutsu-Dachi Front Stance
Kiba - Dachi Side Stance - Horse Riding Stance
Kokutsu - Dachi Back Stance

Punching Techniques (Tsuki-Waza)

Choku-Zuki Straight Punch
Gyaku - Zuki Reverse Punch
Oi-Zuki Lunge Punch
Kizami-Zuki Jab Punch

Blocking Techniques (Uke -Waza)

Age-Uke Upper Rising Block
Soto - Uke Inward Stomach Block
Shuto-Uke Knife Hand Block
Uchi-Uke Outward Stomach Block
Gedan-Barai Downward Block

Kicking Techniques (Keri-Waza)

Mae Geri-Keage Front Snapping Kick
Yoko Geri-Keage Side Snap Kick
Yoko Geri-Kekomi Side Thrust Kick

Striking Techniques - Uchi - Waza

Empi-uchi Elbow Strike
Uraken- Uchi Back Fist Strike

Additional japanese karate terminology >>> 

 3 Main Elements of Karate


Basic Movement

Kihon is the basic movement when broken down into the Simplest form.  Just as children in school learn the basics of writing the letters of the alphabet before learning to write sentences. In Karate the student must learn the simplest movements before putting them into the sequence of a flow.

The basic form must be practiced regardless of level.


The kata is a unique exercise that encompasses the very essence of this martial art. A kata, or form, is by definition a predetermined set of movements that represents the motions of blocking, striking, punching, and kicking against imaginary opponents.


Training with a Partner enhances the learning curve by making the Kihon and Kata hands on and practical.  When working with a partner distance and timing become part of the focus. 




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